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Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9pm-11pm
Café-concerto no Ateneu
Thursdays dedicated to Jazz, Friday to Bossa Nova and on Saturdays, musical tributes.
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Entrance ticket includes one free drink.
Tuesday to Saturday at 11am and 3pm
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Ateneu Comercial do Porto
About Ateneu
The Ateneu Comercial do Porto, Association of Culture, Instruction and Recreation, was founded on August 29, 1869 and resulted from the merger of other similar institutions that did not succeed, founded by merchants and clerks from the city of Porto.
Opening Hours

10:00 to 23h00 

Guided Tour Time

Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00 am and 3:00 pm


Rua Passos Manuel, 44
4000-381 PORTO


Equipped with magnificent facilities, it has a multipurpose hall, library, buffet, bar, barbershop, living room, games rooms, billiards rooms and a reading room, in addition to the D. Luís and Dr. Uva.

1st facsimile edition

It is a literary work – deluxe edition – of rare beauty, an epic poem of classical inspiration, consisting of ten cantos composed of tenths in heroic decasyllables.


From its origins as a recreational society, to the bourgeois club extravaganzas, not forgetting the tradition of balls, soirees and gatherings, where the old and new aristocracy always attended, he never ceased to identify with Porto and its civic and cultural movements.

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Rua Passos Manuel, 44 4000-381 PORTO PORTUGAL