The origin of the Nucleus was found in the

Bulletin – Exhibition Catalog

VIMAPEX 1973 Philatelic

“This Nucleus was started on October 2, 1967 by a group of Collectors of this Ateneu – Ângelo Correia, Ernesto Rangel, Paulo Sá Machado and Ricardo Gil da Costa (Architect) – which began by being called: – Nucleus Numismatic and Philumenistic Philatelic”.



Weekly meetings on Thursday evenings 

Philatelic exhibitions, not competitive

Colloquiums, lectures, round tables, conferences

Receptions for philatelists and foreign clubs

Specialty works editions

47 inter-partner auctions, two auctions per year, between 1983 and 2008

Issuance of certificates on philatelic pieces




«Selos Clássicos de Relevo de Portugal»

Armando Mário O. Vieira, work that received several international awards: the Crawford Medal of the Royal Philatelic Society, the most respected and oldest association in the world, sponsored by the English crown, an award that is only very rarely awarded. He received Gold, Vermeil and Silver medals from Spain and New York.


«Catálogo Especializado de Selos de Portugal, Açores, Madeira, Macau e Pré-Filatélicos»


«Selos Ceres de Portugal»

Armando Mário O. Vieira e Domingos Portugal


«Marcofilia do Serviço Postal Ambulante de Portugal e Ultramar»

Alexandre Guedes de Magalhães


«Selos de Recurso Circulados em Portugal Continuental»

Armando Mário O. Vieira


«Subsídios para a História do Correio Marítimo Português»

Armando Mário O. Vieira, work that won the Godofredo Ferreira prize from the Portuguese Philatelic Federation in 1989.


«Marcas Postais Pré-adesivas de Portugal»

Alexandre Guedes de Magalhães


«Catálogo Especializado de Selos de Postais das Ex-Colónias Portuguesas»

«Paquetes a Vapor para o Brasil»

Armando Mário O. Vieira


«O Cavaleiro Medieval»

Armando Mário O. Vieira


«Artigos Filatélicos Dispersos»

Armando Mário O. Vieira


«Artigos Filatélicos Dispersos, Volume II»

Armando Mário O. Vieira


List of some of the elements that

belonged or still belong to the

Philatelic Nucleus of the Ateneu

Arqt. Gabriel Serpa Magalhães

Prof. Doutor António Felino

Eng. Higino Araújo

Dr. Miguel Macedo Teixeira

General Oliveira Pinto

Eng. José Manuel Miranda da Mota

Dr. Claudino Pereira

Mário Coutinho

Bernardo Coutinho

António José de Almeida

Eng. José Manuel Ribeiro Nogueira

Eng. Albertino Figueiredo

Dr. José Luís Queirós

Eng. Francisco Braga da Cruz

Prof. Doutora Maria Isabel Coutinho Vieira

Eduardo José Oliveira Sousa

Fernando Matos de Carvalho † (2007)

Eng. António Faria

Eng. Paulo Nunes

Américo Mascarenhas Pereira† (2004)

Eng Armando Mário O. Vieira† (2004)

Dr. Mário Basto† (1994)

Dr. Manuel Pereira Leite†

George R. Pearson† (1989)

Dr. Jorge Melo Vieira†

Eng. Manuel Andrade e Sousa†

Domingos Portugal†

Coronel Alexandre Guedes de Magalhães† (1979)

Dr. António Fragoso† (1976)

Prof. Dr. Carlos Trincão† (1968)


Philatelic Exhibitions

Ateneu 71

Ateneu 84

Ateneu 72

Ateneu 85

Ateneu 73

Ateneu 86

Ateneu 75

Ateneu 87

 Ateneu 78

Ateneu 88

Ateneu 80

Ateneu 89

Ateneu 81

Ateneu 90

Ateneu 82

Ateneu 94

Ateneu 83

Ateneu 05 – Homage to Eng. Armando Mário O. Vieira

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